Wednesday, October 14, 2015

Taken In As Her Own

Jito and her husband are typical of many families in Ethiopia… they have seven children.  Yet they have become guardians of two children who otherwise would have no one to care for them.  Tolash is a seven year old girl and Yisihaq is a boy, also seven.  These two unrelated children would likely have ended up on the streets if they hadn’t been taken in by this family.

Jito is 50 years old with some children nearly grown, yet she found a place in her heart and her family for two more.  She represents everything our Adoption Ministry 1:27 program is all about – working to maintain permanency for all children, whether by stabilizing their family of origin or in a guardian family like Jito’s. 

Here’s the thing… Jito and her husband were barely able to feed seven mouths and now there are nine.  They live in a small house in Dembidollo and they must buy not only food but also clean water to drink.  Jito bakes and sells injera at the local market and her husband and a son are daily laborers.

We want to come alongside this couple who have opened their hearts and lives to two needy children.  By sponsoring this family at $50/month you will be assuring them of food to eat and help with some of the very basics of survival.  Please visit our webpage here to adopt this family!

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