Thursday, October 8, 2015

Embrace Tigist

Tigist T. MK-0007
Imagine the heartbreak and worry that Tigist must feel as the mother of Dagem, her five-year-old son, who is developmenatally disabled. Yet she remains optimistic. Dagem, after all, learned to walk two years ago. There is hope!

mk-0007-webTigist herself is not healthy. She has lung damage caused by exposure to charcoal smoke from cooking in an unventilated area. She has been in and out of the hospital and is unable to work steadily. Her sister helps Tigist pay their rent of $23 a month.

This mom has a lot on her plate. Your sponsorship of $50/month to help her provide for their needs would go a long way.

What a blessing you can be to this widow and her son!

To sponsor Tigist and Dagem – or another at-risk family – for $50 per month, please visit our webpage:    I Want to Adopt a Family

Thank you for stepping up to help ‘the least of these’ in Jesus’ name!

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