Saturday, October 10, 2015

Business Women’s Fellowship

All the women together & Abonesh
Abonesh, who is our very capable IGA coordinator in Ethiopia, recently brought the entrepreneurs from Meseret Kristos Church (MK) and the Misgana Church at Bole Bulbula (BB) together for a very encouraging time of fellowship and shared experience.  These women are all recipients of a micro-loan through Adoption Ministry 1:27 and are successfully operating their own small businesses. 

Imagine how encouraging it would be to gather with other women who, like you, are determined to sustain their families through their own businesses (IGA – income-generating activity)!  All of these women came from extremely poor backgrounds.  All are working hard to become self-supporting.

They shared their successes and challenges.  Many spoke out about how working and AM 1:27 has changed their lives.  Solutions to problems were offered and discussed. 

Demiss and Ephrem (case managers), Abonesh and Kaleb presented Bible teaching on how Joseph, Jacob’s son, planned, organized and saved food for the future.  Hard work is appreciated in God’s word and they taught the women that the core values of our ministry are integrity and faithfulness.  Abonesh also talked about the vision, mission and goals of AM 1:27. 

The group ended with prayer ~ for personal issues, for their sponsors (YOU!) and the ministry as a whole.  What a blessing and a privilege to be part of helping these motivated women to change their family stories!

If you would like to find out more about IGA’s and how to help women sustain their families through small business opportunities, visit our website here.  It is exciting to be part of God’s work in Ethiopia!

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