Thursday, February 4, 2016

Thank You for Giving!

It’s really an honor to promote our Gift Catalog as a way for folks to give.  What more meaningful way to spend your gift-giving dollars than on someone you’ll never meet but who will appreciate the gift more than most?

never repay

I thought you might be blessed to see what was donated via our Gift Catalog in the month of December:

15 portable water filters mean water free of parasites and bacteria
14 complete bed sets – frames, mattresses and bedding
5 bags of charcoal, used for cooking fuel
2 solar light bulbs
8 goats
4 new houses to replace dilapidated ones
6 soccer balls and 2 pumps
3 financial packages to help an Ethiopian family to adopt a child
1 surgery for a widow for things like cataracts or fistula repair
9 sets of food staples for a month
1 new set of clothes
1 new pair of shoes
5 bibles
1 audio bible
9 school packages – fees for one year, supplies and backpacks
1 Jesus Film dvd
$150 in emergency medical help
$250 in evangelist support

For our orphanage:
1 crib and mattress
15 cans of formula
4 baby swings
4 packages of cloth diapers
$540 general orphanage support

Several people chose to give toward the ministry’s ‘Greatest Need’, which is a huge blessing that allows us to address a variety of urgent needs.  We received $3595 in this category!

It doesn’t take us very long to distribute these wonderful gifts and we are always in need of your generous donations via the Gift Catalog.  If you’d like to give, you can do so easily and securely on our Gift Catalog webpage:
gift catalog button

We know that for many of you, this giving is sacrificial.  “Thank you” seems a very inadequate way to express how much your generosity means to those we serve in Ethiopia. We are grateful that God, above anyone else, sees your hearts and blesses you!

The generous will themselves be blessed
for they share their food with the poor.
Proverbs 22:9

Wednesday, January 27, 2016

One Woman Can... Change Her Future

Visit us at Adoption Ministry 1:27 to learn more about giving women the opportunity to have their own small business and thereby change the future for themselves and their children.  It's happening right now in Ethiopia for 28 people like Asnakech (Ahs-nah'-ketch).  With your help, we can help change the future for many more!

Monday, January 18, 2016

Adoptive Parenting Links You’ll Like

Perspectives in Parenting is a website/blog written by an adoptive mother of eight children who is also a missionary.  Selina writes about many adoption topics, with a goal of sharing experiences, encouraging other adoptive parents and bringing God’s word to bear on all of life as a parent.  Below are a few links to some very insightful posts but be sure to spend some time on the website looking at all the topics available!

Dear Parent of a Newly Adopted Child

Dear Parent of a Newly Adopted Child
”You’ve spent months (maybe even years!) dreaming of bringing home your child. Somewhere in the midst of the excitement of choosing a name and the fun of decorating a bedroom, you lost sight of the one truth that you so desperately need in order to survive this adoption…”

for the parent ready to quit

For the Parent Ready to Quit
”Maybe you’re struggling with a special needs kiddo and you’re feeling stretched beyond what your body feels it can stretch. Maybe you’ve adopted a trauma/RAD child, and you are just TIRED of cleaning up poop. (Figuratively and literally.) Maybe you’re a mama who thought you could trust God with the children (both number and needs) He felt you could handle—but you’re pregnant again and the little ones aren’t listening and the laundry has turned into Mt. Everest and your friends and family keep asking you “Don’t you think you have ENOUGH children?”…and you’re wondering if HE really can be trusted?”

10 Thins
10 Things You Wish You Knew About Older Child Adoption
Really good, practical and eye-opening truths about what it’s like to adopt older children – both before coming home and the journey of healing and bonding afterward.

Friday, January 8, 2016

A Wonderful Challenge

by Joy Casey

“The world is going to hell in a handbasket” and “Things are spinning out of control,” are phrases I hear often these days. And, if headlines are the indicator, I might tend to agree. But when I meet with my Savior in the quiet of morning and open His Word and listen, He confirms that things are not spinning out of His control. He also continually challenges me to persevere in the work He has set before me that prevents many from going to hell.
Source: Creative Commons

Some of the most important aspects of Adoption Ministry’s work in Ethiopia are done behind the scenes and the details cannot be communicated for security reasons. In various pockets in Ethiopia, God has raised up warriors in unlikely places using unorthodox means. These warriors are assigned to the front lines and live uncomfortable lives in the trenches. They are severely beaten, threatened with eviction, their cattle are poisoned, their houses burned, they have minimal food and shelter, and suffer under unfair practices of the local government. These men and their wives give what little they have to their converts who face immense persecution, sometimes losing their jobs and homes because of their newfound belief in Christ.*

And they cannot take a breather and get re-fortified during a furlough!

Yet … God’s hand is clearly seen! In 2015 six churches were planted in areas where the Christian faith has never been before. They are crude buildings, nothing fancy at all … they don’t have electricity, most don’t have benches to sit on, and the people are packed tightly together, hungry for God’s Word. Some converts are illiterate and when we can supply audio Bibles in their language, they will memorize the Word and be transformed by the renewing of their mind (Romans 12:2).

* Did you know that Ethiopia is #22 on the World Watchlist for Persecuted Christians, right after India and ahead of Egypt, Djibouti, Myanmar and China?
Source: Creative Commons

Support strategies for the frontline troops
A man from Saudi Arabia has written three pamphlets and two books in the Amharic language that are incredible tools for evangelism. Trainings have been facilitated throughout Ethiopia and the pamphlets distributed to Christian college students, pastors, and, of course, the warriors in the trenches. Adoption Ministry has facilitated two workshops for evangelists and many more are needed on college campuses and in churches. More copies of the pamphlets (about 21 pages) and books (about 200 pages) need to be printed. Will you help?

· The first booklet Uncovered Truths is just that … uncovering the true roots of the Islamic faith.  It provides answers to questions posed by Muslims.

· The second booklet, The Question of My Soul, is described by the author as a drill machine that breaks apart the big mountains of Muhammad and the Quran.  

· The third booklet, The Question of My Dear Ahmed is a testimony of a converted Muslim and shows there is no salvation through Islam and the only way to salvation is through Jesus Christ. 

These booklets cost $ .25/each to print

· A 100 page book was written as a response to a book written by an Islamic cleric 5 years ago called Who is Christ? 303 Questions;  303 questions directed against the person of Christ and the Holy Trinity.  The response refutes every argument and equips Christians to meet the challenges the Muslim community is bringing.

This book costs $ .50 to print

· The Muslims have been aggressively criticizing the Christian faith and because most Christians are not equipped to understand and respond to these accusations, fear has spread among Christians resulting in avoidance of Muslims or conversion to Islam out of ignorance.  This publication is an apologetic and has changed the atmosphere. Once the Christian man nor woman understands the question and has a good grasp of the truth, they boldly challenge the Quran and Muhammad and are prepared to joyously share the Good News.  Especially on college campuses this book is equipping Christian students to easily defend their faith and their witness is winning over their Muslim neighbors.  The book has four chapters and 192 pages.

This book costs $ .80 to print

If you would like to make a donation to help us print these materials or for bibles (either audio bibles or print versions), please go to our website here. THANK YOU for helping us meet this great challenge and spread the Good News of Christ throughout the country!

Thursday, December 31, 2015

Our Deepest Thanks!

What better way to communicate to you, our partners in this ministry, than in the words of our staff in Ethiopia?  They speak on behalf of the thousands of people you are impacting through your prayers and your financial support…

From Abebe Getachew, In-Country Representative

Happy Christmas and New Year,! I would like to express my deepest and genuine appreciation and gratefulness for the work you have accomplished by your extraordinary support. The monthly support and the extra support you made to Adoption Ministry 1:27 did amazing things in the lives of many helpless families who are supported by the ministry. Some of the accomplishments are:

  • All families got the opportunity to eat 3 times a day (Breakfast, Lunch & Dinner), where it was impossible to have it previously.
  • The provision of the monthly food support by the donors makes the parents free from their daily stress and tension where this makes the family enjoy good and better health.
  • Many children have got the opportunity to go to school with all the necessary school materials and good lunch in their lunch box, equal to their classmates.
Therefore, it is my greatest wish to say thank you very much for all what you are doing for the poorest of the poor in this country. I hope you will continue working with the ministry in the future to change the lives of the helpless.

From Abonesh Kebede, IGA Program Manager

Abonesh-e_thumb2I am very happy for the chance to express my feelings toward the donors who were sharing their lives in order to change the lives of the poor families here in Ethiopia by supporting them to start a small business beyond the monthly food support you give.

Those families who started a small business have got the monthly food support so that they cannot use the business money for food. Since the beginning of the small business support (IGA) the families started to work with good desire and passion and they are becoming successful. Therefore, as we plan they will graduate after 2 years and they will enjoy a sustainable life by themselves. So, I am very thankful and pleased for the valuable support you are doing to change the lives of the hopeless family and lead them to a sustainable future. God bless you and Happy Christmas & New-year.

From Pastor Zerihun Girma, Lead Evangelist

IMG_2354_thumb7I am very grateful to our Lord Jesus for giving us a tremendous harvest in the Muslim area of Ethiopia. I believe the Holy Spirit is moving mightily in these last days and Jesus is coming soon. I send my warmest gratitude and heartfelt appreciation to you for covering the missionaries and my salary and transportation expenses. This has greatly helped us to pursue the vision we have to reach the Muslims in different places through evangelism. Moreover, giving this opportunity to all the missionaries and myself to fully engage in the evangelism activities with much less worry about our family’s monthly expenses. In 2015, our ministry reached more than 5000 and about 600 peoples are saved through our missionaries. We acknowledge God is the only One who deserves all the glory and honor. We have 41 missionaries; all of them are former Muslims. They all have powerful testimonies and work wholeheartedly in complete dedication, love, and unity.

I will continue on working committed to our missionary goals as long as God be with us and your support to the mission work stick with. I would like to say many thanks again.

From Ephrem Gebremariam, Orphanage Director

Ephriam3_thumb2Right now in Shashemene we care for 13 orphaned children who receive care and support until they get a permanent family either through domestic or inter-country adoption.  During their stay in our orphanage center children will be provided with food, clothes, medical service, and everything they need. In this regard, the babies get formula, milk, comfortable cribs, and toys. The nannies love them and are very helpful to make them healthy and strong.

So, I would like to thank you very much in my name and on behalf of the organization for your support that you generously donate for the orphan care services of Mana Gammachuu. Even if the formula is very expensive, you donate every time. Due to this, the children have high quality care and will keep very healthy and happy. They also thank you very much.

I hope you will continue to help the children in Ethiopia, and we will keep praying for you. I assure you that we have endless thanks for you all the time.

Have a very blessed Christmas and may God bless you.

You can read more about these areas of ministry on our websites…

Ethiopia-Logo-copy-600-transparent-e   admin127_logo-transparent10   gift-catalog-button6

And if you haven’t yet completed your year-end giving, many in Ethiopia would be very grateful indeed to receive your help!


Happy New Year!

Sunday, December 20, 2015

Christmas Outreach Boxes

We have the tremendous privilege of helping our dear friends Samy and Ruth in their outreach to several villages near Debra Zeit, Ethiopia by providing Christmas Boxes for children.

Samy and Ruth are YWAM missionaries serving people in a remote area called Bishoftu.   These two have incredible hearts to bring the Good News to men, women and children.  Many on our mission teams have met them and had the privilege of serving alongside these two saints of God.

In this rural area of Ethiopia, it is a daily struggle for parents to provide even basic needs for their children and many children and families have not yet heard of Christ’s love for them.   Samy and Ruth have committed their lives to make Christ known in this area God has called them to.

You can touch the kids in this village with the love of Christ by giving them a small gift box for Christmas.  Ethiopians celebrate Christmas on January 7th so there is still time to do this!  Each box costs only $5.00 and includes:

Toothpaste, toothbrush, soap, Vaseline, comb,
bath tissue, spoon, cookie biscuits, candy treat, a boiled egg,
a pen, a notebook, a small toy and a New Testament.

In years past they were able to reach hundreds of kids with the gift boxes.  You can read about the impact those Boxes of Joy had on many children right here!   Samy and Ruth have nurtured ongoing relationships with the children in those rural areas where they have started Sunday schools so that the Gospel is still going out. This year they will be giving boxes and sharing the Good News in a different area.

If you’d like to bring a huge smile and bless a child in this way while opening a door for the Gospel to be shared, please donate via check payable to 'Adoption Ministry' with a note attached designating ‘Bishoftu Ethiopia’ or call our office to give your information over the phone:  253-770-2283  Our mailing address is:  PO Box 1145 Puyallup WA 98371.

Thank you on behalf of all the grateful recipients of these Christmas boxes!

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