Tuesday, December 16, 2014

Holidays Can Trigger Big Feelings

Parenting Kiddos Who Sabotage Big Days

“This is the worst day OF MY LIFE!!” (We hear this regularly on Big Days.) She will end up crying in her bedroom, devolving into shame: “I am the worst girl! I am on the naughty list! I ruined Christmas! I’m giving all my presents away!” I feel so frustrated that I sometimes snap, making it all worse. Ultimately, I dread Big Days altogether and while she is thinking she is the worst kid (bless her), I am thinking I am definitely the worst mom.

Yearly Grieving Struggles
Holidays and birthdays can be a difficult time for many foster and adoptive families, as it may mean grieving for some children… memories are sometimes the only thing they have left of birth family.

Why Christmas Stinks Sometimes
Try as I might to “practice what I preach,” I admit that my default reaction in situations like this is to “lay down the law.” But something told me that there was much, much more going on than simply bad behavior.

Creating A Hopeful Christmas for Your Adopted Child
Imagine being a new visitor to a new home and being thrust into the thick of celebration their way. No one was really asking you what you wanted or cared about; however, they were expecting you to "get with it" and be happy about what was going on.

Celebrating Christmas with Newly Adopted Children
Read all of the comments for some great ideas!

New Every Morning

Saturday, December 13, 2014

Christmas Outreach Boxes

We have the tremendous privilege of helping our dear friends Samy and Ruth in their outreach to several villages near Debra Zeit, Ethiopia by providing Christmas Boxes for children.

Samy and Ruth are YWAM missionaries serving people in a remote area called Bishoftu.   These two have incredible hearts to bring the Good News to men, women and children.  Many on our mission teams have met them and had the privilege of serving alongside these two saints of God.

In this rural area of Ethiopia, it is a daily struggle for parents to provide even basic needs for their children and many children and families have not yet heard of Christ’s love for them.   Samy and Ruth have committed their lives to make Christ known in this area God has called them to.

You can touch the kids in this village with the love of Christ by giving them a small gift box for Christmas.  Ethiopians celebrate Christmas on January 7th so there is still time to do this!  Each box costs only $5.50 and includes:

Toothpaste, toothbrush, soap, Vaseline, comb,
bath tissue, spoon, cookie biscuits, candy treat, a boiled egg,
a pen, a notebook, a small toy and a New Testament.

Last year they were able to reach hundreds of kids with the gift boxes.  You can read about the impact those Boxes of Joy had on many children right here!   Samy and Ruth have nurtured ongoing relationships with the children in those rural areas where they have started Sunday schools so that the Gospel is still going out. This year they will be giving boxes and sharing the Good News in a different area.

If you’d like to bring a huge smile and bless a child in this way while opening a door for the Gospel to be shared, please donate via our website here and designate ‘Bishoftu Ethiopia’ or call our office to give your information over the phone:  253-770-2283

Thank you on behalf of all the grateful recipients of these Christmas boxes!

Tuesday, December 9, 2014

Gifts of Love For Christmas

If you're like me, you don't really remember what you got for Christmas last year.  Was it something you needed?

Have you ever spent a lot of time and money trying to make your family happy on Christmas morning?

Would you like a way to give this Christmas that extends the love of Jesus to those who really do need help and who really will appreciate what is given?

cover 2014 
Our online YWAM Gift Catalog is a secure way to give to those in Ethiopia who need our help.

What a privilege it is for us to offer ways you can bless those who are in desperate need.

Here are some of the biggest needs:

$7 buys a bible for a new believer recently saved

$50 buys a personal, solar-powered audio bible for those who don’t read

$20 buys a solar light for houses without electricity


$25 buys a new shirt, pants, socks and underwear for a child

$75 buys a sheep or goat to generate income

$200 buys a IMG_0655bedframe, mattress and bedding so families don’t sleep on the ground

$300 buys one year of rent for families struggling to pay sky-rocketing prices

Visit our Online Gift Catalog and know the joy of giving gifts that change lives!

Tuesday, December 2, 2014

Giving That Empowers Others

GT e

This holiday season we are so privileged to provide you with an opportunity to invest in a single mother in Ethiopia, giving her the capacity to lift herself out of poverty.

Adoption Ministry 1:27 stabilizes at-risk families and then offers micro loans, coupled with business training and one-on-one mentoring, to start a business that will radically change the trajectory of a family.

We currently have 30 small businesses funded and operating. This means:

Kids go to school

Food is on the table

Living conditions are improving

Medical help is received

Families are being reunited



$1,000 -- Cow for dairy cooperative
   $700 -- Pair of oxen for farming
   $600 -- Funding to start one business
   $300 -- Shop rent for six months
   $150 -- Water tank for agricultural production
   $100 -- Electric injera baker (injera is Ethiopia's cultural bread)
     $75 -- Livestock for a sheep fattening business
     $75 -- Moringa tree seed to plant 2 acres
     $50 -- Seeds and fertilizer to plant barley or maize
     $20 -- Solar light
Please visit our 'Send Help' webpage to donate these items and more!


More and more women and men who have received help starting a small business through AM 1:27 are now self-sufficient! Their inspiring stories are here.

Tuesday, November 25, 2014

The 'John Deere' of Dembidollo

Dembidollo is a rural area in Ethiopia where most people make a living by farming or raising livestock. Three very poor families were given a pair of oxen to cultivate their land, resulting in successful harvests that have set them on the path of self-sufficiency.


dd-0031 (2)Mikiyas, his brother, two sisters plus two children live together in one room on a lush piece of property in the countryside that they could not farm because they did not have oxen. Their poverty was deep. The walls of their house were just sticks that let in the wind and the rain, and they all slept under tarps on the dirt floor. Mikiyas and his brother wanted desperately to improve their situation and provide for their sisters, niece and nephew but their earning power was low and without oxen, their property was worthless.


A year-and-a-half ago the couple who “adopted” this family raised $700 to buy a pair of oxen, the yoke, and hand plow so the brothers could cultivate their land. Gratefully, they worked hard planting maize (corn), sorghum, barley and onions. The men also plowed their neighbor’s land, sharing 50/50  in that harvest. Their trusty oxen plowed seven acres, and the profit from the first harvest allowed them to mud the walls of their house and replace the broken door, but most profit went back into their second planting. After harvest in 2014, their profits were ensured and they no longer needed monthly help from Adoption Ministry 1:27.


DD-0053 C Debela was one of Etana’s 10 children who, for awhile, was farmed out as a servant because his father did not have enough food for his large family. After Etana’s family was identified for help through Adoption Ministry 1:27, Debela was reunited with his family, but school was out of reach for the eight school-aged children. Etana’s family lives quite a distance from Dembidollo town in a beautiful valley on a fertile piece of property, but Etana had no way to plow it. He had a few sheep that he sold for a little profit, but without the supplement of monthly food that AM 1:27 gave him, his large family would be hungry most of the time.

It was a gift almost beyond Etana’s comprehension when their sponsor offered to buy him the equivalent of a John Deere: a set of oxen. As is often done in Ethiopia, Etana cultivated his land and also a neighbor’s property to share 50/50 in that harvest. He planted maize, sorghum, wheat, teff and chickpeas. After the first harvest Etana bought a pregnant cow and the eight older children were enrolled in school. After a successful second harvest, it was determined that his family no longer needed outside help. The boost of oxen was just what was needed to set this hard-working man on his feet to proudly provide for his family.


dd-0064Galalcha and Sanaye have three children, and their son, Fedesa, is a strong young man who, with the help of his mother, has the responsibility of doing the hard labor required to be a farmer in Ethiopia. Galalcha is a personable older man who has been significantly weakened with leprosy. Before Galalcha contracted leprosy, he was a laboratory technician in a hospital and through his good salary bought a nice piece of property. However, life after leprosy has not been easy for him or his family.

Eighteen months ago, Galalcha’s family received a set of oxen, a gift from their Adoption Ministry 1:27 sponsor. Fedesa was ecstatic and promised to work hard to farm their property.  He made plans to hire his oxen out to plow neighboring property as well. The farm has produced brilliantly under the competent hard work of Fedesa and Sanaye. The daughters are going to school and they now have a milk cow. We join Galalcha and his family in rejoicing over the amazing provision of oxen that has made the difference between dependency and self-sufficiency.

Read more stories of people like these - families who someone just like you invested in and who are now operating successful businesses - on our website here!  

Friday, November 14, 2014

Giving Gifts That Last

The Gift Catalog has gifts for every budget - from bibles to bedding, shoes to sheep, school supplies to small business starts.  We will send a lovely card to someone you give in honor of... just let us know!

Would you consider helping us share this giving opportunity by reposting on Facebook, Twitter or Instagram?

Tuesday, November 11, 2014

A Costly Decision

Most of us cannot imagine having to decide between our marriage or following Christ but ‘K’ had to do just that.  She chose new life in Jesus.  Not only did that decision mean the loss of her husband and her oldest daughter, but now her life is in danger because she renounced her former religion.  This is a very grim reality for many new believers in Ethiopia and many other parts of the world. 

K is illiterate and has no means of supporting herself or her two little ones.  Without family to help her, she is in a very precarious position.  This is where the Ethiopian church has stepped in and where Adoption Ministry 1:27 can help this new Christ-follower!  We’re seeking a sponsor to ‘adopt’ K and her children for $50 per month, which will give her regular meals, clothing and bedding so that she can become stabilized and work toward a self-sustaining future. 

Perhaps you or someone you know will adopt K and be an integral part of giving her hope and a future!  Please visit our website here for an easy way to sponsor K or another family in need.  Our hope is that K will be adopted immediately.

'K' was adopted today - Praise God!  There are many like her who are a desperate condition... please visit our AM 1:27 'Adopt A Family' page to help one of these families!

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