Thursday, May 5, 2016

Enough to Eat

Meet Olana.  He is married to Tadelu and they have two beautiful daughters still living at home with them, Mabirat and Obse.

Olana rounded up some of his neighbors to help him build a little one room house made of sticks and mud for his family to live in, way out in the Western part of Ethiopia near Dembidollo.

Olana has dangerously high blood pressure which means he often cannot work and is in and out of the hospital.   The effects of many years of malnutrition have left Tadelu very weak.  Thankfully, the girls are going to school - Mabirat is 18 years old in the 9th grade and Obse is 14 and attends 7th grade.  These two walk a great distance each day to get water from the river as their house has no running water - or electricity for that matter.  

We are seeking a sponsor for this family, assuring them of enough food to eat each day.  Imagine that... only $50/month to meet this most basic of needs.  Your help will be received with so much gratitude!

To sponsor Olana and Tadelu, or another family in similar need, please visit our website here. THANK YOU for partnering with us in feeding the poor!

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