Tuesday, March 31, 2015

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6 Things Adopted Kids Must Know by Age 6
6 Crucial Things Kids Must Know About Adoption By Age Six
Have you told your child these six crucial things she has to know about adoption? What resources were helpful?

What’s the Apostle Paul doing with the term ‘adoption’?
Realize it or not, this is a very important question. Stop for a minute and think about how you would answer it…

Parents of Adoptees
As an older adoptee, I understand now that keeping the Chinese identity alive in a child is important. I think if my family would have taken a more productive role in my education on culture, I would not face some of the challenges as I do now.

What to Expect When You’re Expecting an Adoption
Those of us waiting on adoptions have our own set of things to expect, some similar, some different.  With one pregnancy, one adoption, and one adoption on the way, here are some things I’ve learned to expect…

Green-Eyed Mom-Monster
When I couldn’t meet a need or presented her with a boundary that she didn’t like, she turned to the nearest woman in the room.  She’d walk from woman to woman until she found someone to do what she wanted.  Sometimes she’d wiggle out of my arms to run to a stranger who was smiling at her and beg to be picked up.  “Love me.  Accept me!  Look at how cute I am!” 

Wednesday, March 18, 2015

Hope and Healing for Adoptive Families

A place to gather with other adoptive families who 'get it?'

Concrete answers for some of the issues you're seeing in your adopted child concerning behavior, control, fear and sleep?

Tools to help your child on the road to healing?

A collective arm around your weary shoulders to tell you you're going to make it?


Many of us would love to attend one of the Empowered to Connect conferences but the cost of travel makes it really difficult.  So Show Hope and ETC are bringing the conference to you via live simulcast!


These two-day conferences are designed to bring encouragement and practical helps to pre and post adoptive and foster parents, as well as to social workers, agency professionals and ministry leaders. Some of the top folks in adoption work will be presenters, including Dr. Karyn Purvis of the TCU Institute of Child Development. 

Several of our YWAM adoptive parents have attended an ETC conference and told us how very worthwhile it was… you can read about them here.

Churches all across the country are hosting this simulcast on Friday and Saturday, April 10 and 11.  Most are low cost (or no cost) to attend!  Check this map for a location near you and find registration information at each individual location site.  Then be sure to let us know if you're going!


Tuesday, March 10, 2015

Delivering Gifts

We have absolutely wonderful case managers in Ethiopia for our Adoption Ministry 1:27 program.  I wish you could meet them all!


These dedicated men and women visit with each family in our program twice monthly to check on their conditions, listen to concerns, assess needs and pray with them.  One of these visits takes place at the local church where the families come to pick up their monthly food staples and the other visit is in their home.

Asegit 1
When the CM hears about or notices a need that cannot be covered by the regular monthly support amount – things like beds, clothing or water filters – that need is included in the update that the sponsor receives.  Often the sponsor will be able to send a little extra to cover the need.  If they don’t, we check to see if there have been donations made through our YWAM Gift Catalog for that particular item. 

Recently our case manager in Bole Bulbula, Demiss, sent us some pictures of several women receiving some much-needed items either provided by their sponsors or through the Gift Catalog.  Their smiles tell the story!

Atsede and her children will no longer be sleeping on the ground
because her sponsor sent extra help!

Birhane’s sponsor provided her children with new clothes and shoes
to replace what is ragged and worn.

Worke has a blanket to keep herself and her daughter warm thanks to her sponsor.

Eskale gratefully accepted a new blanket via our YWAM Gift Catalog to cover
both mother and daughter at night.

We also notify sponsors when a medical need arises in hopes they can help defray the cost of getting treatment.  If it is an emergency, we use funds from our general account or Gift Catalog ‘Greatest Need’ fund.  We have also begun to assemble a team of willing givers – our ER Team – who will help us meet urgent needs.  Read more about that wonderful team of folks here!

Above and beyond the $50 monthly support for food staples and basic requirements, these extra needs are always going to exist and we trust God to provide through generous sponsors and Gift Catalog giving.  Right now, our reserves are low for beds and bedding, formula, audio Bibles, milk and extra food.    A donation towards ‘Greatest Need’ will help us meet a variety of urgent needs that arise.  Thanks for your partnership with us in serving these women, children and families!

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