Friday, February 12, 2016

Drumroll please...

new name!
Today we're excited to announce our brand new name… Mission 1:27!

You may have noticed this name appearing on our Facebook, Twitter and websites in the last week or two and perhaps you’ve wondered what this is all about.

The work being done in Ethiopia – family preservation, small business starts, orphan care, adoption and Muslim evangelism – encompasses so much more than our old name implied. 

Mission 1:27 more accurately represents who we are in Ethiopia... bringing care and support in a variety of ways to the orphan and widow as commanded in James 1:27.

The people, the focus, and the motive for all we do remains the same.

For our ministry partners who give via credit card, nothing will change.

For those of you who send support with a check, please make payments to Mission 1:27 from now forward.

Our new website is currently under construction and we can’t wait to roll that out in the near future.  In the meantime, our and websites will remain active.  Family sponsorship and Gift Catalog purchases will be available as usual.

We are eagerly looking forward to following God and implementing His plans in 2016.

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