Monday, November 2, 2015

YOU Sent These Kids to School!

This last summer we began inviting you to help us get all of the children in our Adoption Ministry 1:27 sponsored families in school - with uniforms, supplies, backpacks and fees.  This week we received photos of some of the over 90 children you sent back to school. 

All of these faces show the joy of having new clothes and school supplies.  For many of them, it is unimaginable to go to school at all or to walk there with the proper supplies and a new pair of shoes.  What a wonderful way to start their school year!

Enjoy these photos (I couldn’t decide on a just a couple!)…

4 MK 0032 Yemisrach N
5 MK 0033 SelamKelbesa
6 MK 0035 Alemitu Markos
7 MK 0036Geremech Chernet2
8 MK 0040 Ehite Girma
9 MK 0037 Asima Biru
10 MK 0041b Asefu Kebede1
11 MK 0043Almaz  Tsegaye
12 MK 0047Kasech Denekew
13 MK 0048 Shashe Alameraw
14 MK-0016Alemitu Beyene

THANK YOU on behalf of many children and their parents for the opportunity to go to school, something we can take for granted in our wealthy culture.  You are changing the future for so many!!

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