Wednesday, September 23, 2015

Let's Get Zeyneba In School!

Zeyneba Abdo 1
Zeyneba is eight years old but she has never had the opportunity go to school.  She lives in a rural village in Ethiopia where farming is the main source of income. 

Her mother, Sura, is a widow raising three children alone.  They live in a one room house with a sheet-metal roof.

Sura has a share in a plot of land but the amount of money she earns is very small.  She just manages to feed her three children – school fees are not within reach.

gutu kindergarten
Adoption Ministry of YWAM is reopening a kindergarten in this village and we are seeking sponsors for seven children like Zeyneba.  Most all are from Musl*m families and are extremely poor. 

Because of your sponsorship of $30 per month, the children will receive uniforms, school supplies, lunch and a great start to their education.  More importantly, they will hear the Good News of Jesus Christ and their families will be introduced to the Gospel as well! 

Contact us to sponsor Zayneba or one of her friends.  You will provide them with an opportunity to know the Truth as well as beginning their first step out of the cycle of poverty – education!

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