Friday, August 1, 2014

Some Room to Sleep


We didn’t realize just how small Ragatu’s house was until we responded to their need for beds. Their windowless room is so tiny they cannot even stretch out at night; they curl up on the floor three abreast to sleep. Cooking is done over a charcoal fire on the dirt floor, then their pots and the coals are placed outside the door before bedding down for the night.
Hearing of their bedless plight, we sent their Adoption Ministry 1:27 case manager money from our gift catalog to buy two mattresses complete with bedding for Ragatu, her daughter and teen-aged son. When the case manager visited and shared the good news that they would have beds to sleep on, they soon realized that there was no way beds would fit in their space.

Ragatu asked if the $250 could be used to expand her house instead. The bid to build the addition was $33 more than the money available, so Adoption Ministry loaned Ragatu the money (of which $20 has already been repaid!). This family now has a traditional house that meets their needs much better and they are so happy! They still need two beds and the walls need to be mudded, but they are grateful for the space. Just another example of how your donation to our gift catalog has radically changed a family’s everyday living situation!

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