Friday, January 18, 2013

Links You’ll Like

Linking together
Easier Said Than Done
@Empowered to Connect
You look around and it seems that other parents (you know the ones) have it all together… Experts have even given this reality a name: the illusion of expertise. 

A Year of Belonging
@Nations Around Our Table
We made it home, exhausted physically and emotionally.  And I knew that now the real healing would began for my new children.  The healing that can only happen in a family where you belong. 

When Separation Brings Panic
@One Thankful Mom
Adoptive moms share strategies for dealing with separation
anxiety in adopted kids. 

Adopted: The Cost of Love
@The Austin Stone
An audio sermon you really shouldn’t miss. 
Free mp3 download or listen online.

Adoption Costs and Financial Assistance Resources
@Tapestry Adoption & Foster Care Ministry
Many people are unaware that there are an increasing number of ways to meet this challenge through a variety of adoption financial assistance resources.

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