Friday, September 28, 2012

What’s Cooking At Your House?

I know that many of you have tried your hand at Ethiopian cuisine in your own kitchens and I thought it would be fun to share your experience here on the blog! 

Ethiopia 2008 Lindsey 434

I hear all the time how much your Ethiopian kids love it when you serve (or go out to eat) traditional Ethiopian food.

Here are a couple links to get the injera rolling (so to speak)…

Ethiopian Recipes
@The Berbere Diaries
Kinche, Injera Chips, Timatim Salad and more!

Mesob Across America
@Ethiopian Food
Vegetables, meat, breakfast, appetizers and snacks


How about you?  Leave a comment below with a favorite recipe, links to helpful websites or anything you have learned along the way in your own kitchen. 



Meliski said...

Yay! Here is my post about my first experience cooking Ethiopian! And it was a great success! Have done it many times since. What a beautiful collection of spices and flavors to work with!

Thanks for putting all these great links in one place! I really like the idea of passing on "tried-and-true" recipies!


Meliski said...

Whoops! Here's the link:

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