Wednesday, June 6, 2012

YWAM Mercy Development–Addis Ababa

 by Joy Casey

YWAM Mercy Development, or YWAM-MD as it is called, heard about a problem with some children in their community in Addis Ababa. Many teachers at a nearby school were complaining because a number of their students weren’t able to concentrate on their schoolwork and were listless. From experience, they identified this malaise as signs of hunger. Abdissa, the YWAM-MD director, has a huge heart for children and began seeking sponsors to provide the money for lunch for these children.

Today, 50 school children come to the YWAM children’s compound and receive a hot and hearty lunch. They are ragged and many are HIV+, but they are like kids everywhere and have a ready smile and like to goof around. The worker in charge of this program knows each one of them and visits in their home. If someone misses a couple of days, she ferrets out any troubling circumstances.

One thing noticeable about these children … there are no complaints about the food and there is nothing left over! Every scrap of wat is soaked up by the last bite of injera.

Twenty-five of these children are sponsored by a sister ministry called Into The Streets of Ethiopia. Several years ago, Kara Portilla traveled to Ethiopia and God placed on her heart a burden for these very poor children. Because of her monthly support, these beautiful children can be assured of one good meal a day. THANK YOU and BLESSINGS on the Portillas and Into The Streets of Ethiopia!

P.S. Into the Streets of Ethiopia also is the ministry that makes sure that all our orphanages have enough formula and pays for the transportation to get the formula to the remote areas. This is a huge (HUGE) blessing to Adoption Ministry of YWAM!

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