Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Preventing a child from becoming an orphan – Part 1

by Jeff Butler
Adoption Ministry 1:27 Program Director

Jeff recently returned from Ethiopia where he visited many of the families in our Adoption Ministry 1:27 sponsor program, both in Korah and in Dembidollo. This is the first in a series of posts where Jeff shares how much of a difference your monthly financial support makes in the lives of the very poor in Ethiopia. Jeff and his wife Chris are adopting their third child from Ethiopia.

This dear woman is the widow Tedesu. Here she is pictured with her two of her three children. Her husband died in a car accident some time ago. Since then she has struggled to feed her three children. She works as a common laborer in Dembidollo whenever she can find work.


This family literally has nothing except the clothes on their backs. When we arrived to visit her, she welled up with tears and began to share how she and her children have been strengthened by the food and support they have received. She cried as she thanked God for His care for her.

It was such a blessing to see the pastors from her church ministering to her and praying with her. It was amazing to me to see the connection of care that started with a family in America adopting this family through our Adoption Ministry 1:27 “Adopt a Family” Program. Then how that monthly support was given to the local church, who in turn purchased the food and supplies and gave them to this family.


How amazing that God can support this little family by calling another family on the other side of the planet to care and to give! They are going to have what they need to survive and be sustained in the midst of difficult circumstances. God has shown Himself strong through His personal attention and care for this family! He cares for each family though His Body on earth, His church.

At this time, we have 140 families in Ethiopia in our program and 60 families still need to be 'adopted.' Would you like to sponsor an at-risk or guardian family in Ethiopia? For $40 per month, you can help change the quality of life of a very poor family and also prevent a child from becoming orphaned. We match families in the United States with a family in Ethiopia who has been identified by church leaders there as ‘at-risk’ of collapse or those willing to take in an orphaned child. Read more about our program here or contact us at:

Be sure to read Part 2, Part 3 and Part 4 of this series!


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