Monday, June 20, 2011

A Formula Auction

There is a wonderful family in Portland, Oregon who met Kara Portilla (of Into the Streets of Ethiopia) at an adoptive moms retreat in Atlanta who are right now having an online auction to raise money for YWAM's formula budget!

The Williamson family adopted their son from Ethiopia (you can meet them here) and their hearts are tender towards the great need for formula and its life-giving results.  To raise money for formula, they are auctioning some pretty wonderful items...

A two-night stay at the beautiful Oregon coast
A gorgeous hand-made quilt
Wall stencil
Christmas ornaments
Into the Streets of Ethiopia t-shirts
Worship CD
Ethiopian coffee
and lots more!!

100% of the proceeds of this auction go to Into the Streets of Ethiopia to purchase formula for our orphanages!  How is that for amazing?  One family among many who are responding to the call to support orphaned children in a very tangible way. 

Be sure to go to the Formula Is Life blog and lend your support!

1 comment:

Chad, Courtney, and Tegegn Williamson said...

If others want to post this formula auction website on their blog or facebook page---that would be GREAT!!! The more people that know the more kiddos get formula. Please help us pass the word on. thanks

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