Friday, September 17, 2010

Welcome Home Sweet Eyerusalem

by Becky Burns
Administrator at Adoption Ministry of YWAM Ethiopia

I had such a special treat today!  One of our families returning from Ethiopia with their daughter arrived at the Portland airport (where I live) and I got to be there to welcome them home. 

I wish I could explain how amazing it is to see this precious girl wrapped in her parents' arms and standing here in the U.S..  We have prayed for her for almost three years and she has been so hopeful that one day a family would choose her. 

It was not easy to wait and hope for so long...

But she did hope and many prayed and God brought a family to her - a wonderful family.

Clarke, Lynn and Eyerusalem Morris

Meeting her cousin

Then it was time to go home and meet her brothers, who have been so anxious to see her!

Welcome home, sweet girl!


Chris said...

tears tears tears of joy for this sweet girl and her new family!! Oh HOW GOOD GOD IS!!!!!!!!!

aaron♥michelle said...

Yay!!! Celebrating with this beautiful girl and her new family!

Jill said...

How precious! Such a neat parallel to how the angels rejoice in heaven everytime someone gives their life to Christ and joins the family!!!!

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