Monday, March 30, 2009

Ethiopia Trip Update #3 - from Mark

Mark Wolbert is our Missions Director. His wife Liane does many of our local homestudies and has travelled to Ethiopia twice already. They will both be going again this summer - be sure to check out our mission trip options on the website:

I have a short minute to catch you up to speed. We leave for Adama this afternoon. We've had a great time in Addis so far. We have experienced a heat wave here in Addis - it's been HOT! Hard to sleep due to the heat. Can't open the windows due to the mosquitoes... just sticky and sweaty all day and night.

Adama is out of water!!! The city's water main broke so no showers and no drinking water for the orphans. We are bringing them cases for them to drink. We have visited lots of kids in their homes and taken alot of video and photos. Ben and Jeff have been our photographers.


Anonymous said...

Thank you thank you for being His hands and feet as you bring in the water!
-Amanda Scott

Brooke W said...

Hi, Becky-I am not sure the best way to email you back that we don't mind at all that you posted a link to our blog! We are fairly familiar with YWAM...I didn't realize there was an adoption ministry in Ethiopia...when we used Adoption Advocates we didn't know of any Christian agencies in Ethiopia...very exciting...God Bless you guys!

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